Best 2 Burner Gas Grills of 2023 Ultimate Guide

If your old gas grill no longer meets your outdoor barbecue needs, it’s time get a new one. This time, consider a 2 burner gas grill since it takes up less space compared to a six-burner grill. Whether you’re a barbecue master or a newbie, we’ve got you covered.

A 2 burner grill has excellent value for money because it has two separate burners that allow you to cook different food simultaneously. In our research, that 5 items got our attention.

The best 2-burner gas grills we’ve picked come in various heat content, size, and cooking spaces that can match different grilling requirements. Which one would be your next favorite dual-burner gas grill? Read more to find out!

5 Recommended 2-burner Gas Grills in the Market

To provide a broad view of comparison, here’s a table of significant features of each product. For your information, the BTU is the heat that a grill produces. Other features include the cooking area, warranty, and dimensions.

So without further ado here is the top 5 recommended 2 burner gas grills that can be your consideration:

Product NameBTUDimension (in.)Cooking AreaWarranty
Weber Spirit II E-21026,50057 x 48 x 26450 sq inches10 years
Char-Broil Performance 30024,00044 x 43 x 25300 sq inches5 years
Weber Genesis II LX E-24029,00048 x 52 x 29380 sq inches10 years
Char-Broil Classic 28020,00042 x 46 x 24280 sq inches1 year
Cuisinart CGG-306 Tabletop20,00016 x 22 x 18240 sq inches3 years

1. Weber Spirit II E-210 LP

Weber Spirit II E-210 gas grill

The Weber Spirit II E-210 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill gets first in our list because it is backed up by a ten-year warranty. Its price is reasonable if you want a long-lasting, high-quality grill. What are the other features that this 2-burner Weber grill has the offer? Let’s see.

The GS4 Grilling System is the best feature of this grill. This system is a product of continuous development for over 30 years of research and grilling experience. It is composed of four areas – infinity ignition, burners, Flavorizer bars, and the grease management system.

These components work together to meet the demanding tasks of outdoor barbecue activity. The burners, which are the largest among the five products, are equipped with Flavorizer bars to infuse a smoky aroma into the meat. The after-use clean-up is also a no-fuss.

When it comes to construction and materials, the Weber Spirit II E-210 is a winner. It has porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates with thick and thin sides. The thin area is ideal for grilling fish and other soft-textured food, while the fuller side is for meat to create beautiful sear marks on your tri-tip or brisket.

Among the other grills in the list, the Weber Spirit grill has the most significant dimensions. In addition to this massive size is the expandable design that provides additional storage spaces. The entire grill is a modern open cart with four lid color options, folding side tables, and hooks. These extra rooms are accessible storage for the utensils, plates, and seasonings for your barbeque.

  • Has the most significant dimensions and expandable storage spaces
  • Backed up by a ten-year warranty
  • Easy clean-up with the Grease Management System
  • Has the highest heat content among the other grills in the list
  • The bottom of the foldable table may hurt you during assembly if you’re not careful

The Weber Spirit II E-210 grill is for users who want a long-lasting quality and advanced grilling system. However, setting up requires caution because the bottom of the table is quite sharp. Nevertheless, for its grilling and grease management system with twin size grate and expandable storage, this product is a winner.

2. Char-Broil Performance 300

Char-Broil Performance 300

Char Broil Performance 300 with grill 2 burner is probably the smallest upright grill on the list. It has a width of 43 inches that is excellent if you have limited space.

The cooking area, though, is reasonably medium in size but includes a 300 square inch porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grate and a 100-square inch foldable porcelain-coated rack. This capacity allows you to cook two different food at the same time.

Although it looks petite, the Char-Broil Performance 300 has a durable construction and delivers some grilling power with its 24,000 BTU heat content.

The stainless steel exterior protects the inner components. On the lid exterior is also a temperature gauge to monitor the temperature. When you start up the fire, you do it through the electronic ignition system which is effortless and reliable.

The manufacturer understands your need for additional space. This consideration is apparent in the metal shelf on each side, where you can fold it down or up, depending on your needs. It also has a bottom cabinet with a front door for the liquid propane tank storage.

If you need to move the entire gas grill, it’s not a problem; the four casters allow easy transport and two locks to keep it in place.

  • Does not consume too much space
  • Sleek, black cabinet design
  • Good value for its price
  • Uneven flame after the assembly

The Char-Broil Performance 300 is perfect for users with limited space on the backyard or patio. However, its petite size does not compromise the cooking area and storage shelves. It provides a powerful cooking experience.

3. Weber Genesis II LX E-240 – Our Editor Pick

Weber Genesis II LX E-240If you have a budget to spare, the Weber 60014001 Genesis II LX E-240 is a good investment. You might have second thoughts about buying this grill because it is quite expensive, but it is worth it! It is an advanced, more high-end model than its Weber Spirit II E-210 grill counterpart.

The Weber 60014001 Genesis II LX E-240 grill also has a GS4 Grilling System that provides ultimate grill power and capacity, with its 29,000 BTUs of heat that’s highest on this list. The Flavorizer bars give the meat a smoky aroma while the ignition fires up the burners in one action. Each burner has a dedicated internal switch, so when you turn the knob, the flame ignites with ease.

Clean up is convenient too. Through the grease management system, you can remove the grease with no hassle. It also prevents dangerous flare-ups while cooking. Although the Weber Genesis II LX E-240 grill may have a smaller cooking area, it has a higher heat content compared to the Weber Spirit II E-210. Moreover, it has a built-in overhead warming rack, side shelves, and cabinet for more storage.

  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Excellent construction
  • High+ setting for quicker heat up
  • Equipped with light, illuminated control knobs, digital thermometer, and hooks
  • Expensive

You won’t go wrong with the Weber Spirit II E-210 grill. You may have to shell out a large sum of money, but its features and construction are worth the price. Plus, who would not trust a product with a ten-year warranty?

4. Char-Broil Classic 280

Char-Broil Classic 280

Another variation 2 burner gas grill from Char-Broil that’s more compact and less expensive than the previous one is the Char-Broil Classic 280. It is designed very similar to the Char-Broil 300 except for a few differences in the package and features. Let’s take a look at what the Char-Broil 280 has to offer.

Powered by 20,000 BTU, the lowest heat content among the list, the Char-Broil 280 delivers sufficient heat to cook meals. You can also prepare sauces and dips for your steak on the 8,000 BTU side burners. The cooking surface is 280 square inches, a size that’s just small enough to fit in small storage. The size makes the Char-Broil 280 an ideal 2 burner patio propane gas. For people who usually hold a barbeque party, this cooking area might be quite small.

The Char-Broil Classic 280 has the necessary features that are convenient and reliable. One unique feature is the Piezo ignition that allows you to start up the flame with just a push of the button. The steel lid and firebox protect the fire against the wind and other harsh weather. The inline burners support consistent heat distribution from high to low heat levels.

  • Easy to clean because of the porcelain-coated cooking grates
  • Can be bought with or without the side burner
  • Affordable two-burner grill
  • Comes with only a one-year warranty

The Char-Broil Classic 280 is the best gas grill under $300 in this list. Do not underestimate this 2 burner top choice, though. For its affordable price with basic features, it is ideal for beginners and those starting a family.

5. Cuisinart CGG-306

Cuisinart CGG-306 Tabletop

If you love barbeque for a typical, busy work week, this Cuisinart CGG-306 Tabletop gas grill with 2 burner is a perfect choice. Being a tabletop grill with a couple of burners, you can place it on your kitchen countertop or outdoor table. You can set it up in as fast as 10 minutes and without any help from the expert or necessary tools. It is undoubtedly the most portable gas grill on our list.

Don’t underestimate its capacity, though. This 2 burner grill from Cuisinart has two stainless steel burners with 20,000 BTU power. The grates distribute and support the heat to cook the food evenly, while the lid traps the heat for faster cooking. Moreover, the grills are non-stick, and there’s a grease tray under the burners to conveniently eliminate grease and other food residues.

If you store it, you can fold down the legs to save space. The legs also elevate the grill when you cook. The legs lock to keep it in place and avoid an accident.

  • The most portable gas grill in the list
  • Sets up in 10 minutes without the use of tools
  • A full-sized grill for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for camping and daily meal preparation
  • The legs are a little wobbly

The unique gas grill in our list is the Cuisinart CGG-306 Tabletop. It is designed primarily for preparing smaller servings of food. You can use it as another daily kitchen appliance for preparing meals for the family. Its portability is also a perfect companion for outdoor activities on the beach or camps.

What to look when Buy a Grill with Two Gas Burners?

Before you get your two burner gas grill from the market, there are some additional information that you may want to know. Whether these type of gas grills are suitable for you? Or how do you pick the good one that suitable for your needs. So what to look before buy a double-burner Gas Grill? Let’s check it out!
2-burner gas grill

With the vast array of 2 burner grills, choosing a good one can be overwhelming. Before you make a purchase, you might come across the question, “how to choose a grill?” For the two-burner models, we have listed the essential features to take into consideration.

1. Primary cooking area

This feature defines how much food you can cook at once. A large central cooking area is great if you need to prepare food for a big group of people. If you do, you can go for the Weber Spirit gas grills in our list. If you usually make one or two servings of burgers or steak, a smaller cooking area like the Cuisinart CGG-306 Tabletop is good enough.

2. Heat output

The maximum heat content that a gas grill can emit is called “BTU” or British Thermal Units. A higher BTU means a higher heat output than the grill’s primary burner can produce. Higher BTUs can roast the food in minutes, but it is not always the best way to cook.

3. Warming rack

This extra feature comes in handy because it provides space for the cooked meat while keeping it warm. You can also place the buns or burgers here to keep them warm before serving. This space can also serve as another rack for vegetables, fish, and other soft-textured food.

4. Dimensions of the grill

If you have a big backyard or patio, a sizable two burner grill won’t be an issue. But if you live in an apartment or flat, the Cuisinart or Char-Broil grills are the better options. Don’t forget the features such as the fold-able legs that make a grill even more portable.

5. Warranty

The warranty shows the confidence of the manufacturer for its product. The more extended the warranty, the more assured that the specific model can last longer. On our list, the Weber grills have the most extended warranty. Most of the time, manufacturers have different coverage for the various components of the grill. They might give a one-year warranty for the lid and five-year for the burners.

6. Expandable storage space

Many two-burner gas grills have an integrated shelf on each side. You can fold down or up whenever you need it. You can place the cooking utensils or ingredients here so you can access them easily. You might underrate the hooks on the grill housing, but they also serve as additional storage for tools, kitchen equipment, and the likes.

Why you should choose two-burners gas grills?

Imagine preparing a barbeque dinner for yourself or the family. You wouldn’t want to heat a large cooking area for just two to five pieces of meat. It would be a waste of fuel. A two-burner gas grill has just the right size for cooking regular batches of everyday meals.

If you frequently go out for a camp or beach, the 2-burner gas grill would be much more portable than the 4-burner or 6-burner ones. It is lightweight and less bulky. Although the four or 6-burner grills have built-in wheels, the 2 burner BBQ grills have them too but with easier movement.

And lastly, the price matters. For home starters, the two-burner grills would be the affordable option. They usually come at a lower price range that is within your budget. Despite the low price, they have features such as sturdy stainless steel construction, cast iron grates, and a reliable ignition system that you can find in more expensive types of grills.


Excellent two-burner gas grills are ideal for preparing a couple servings of food at once. The top pick models above are unique options for people who are looking for quality, versatility, and reliability in a 2-burner gas grill.

After a thorough review, we think of the Weber Genesis II LX E-240 as the best choice. The price is worth it and comes with a 10-year warranty. It has the GS4 Grilling System and Grease Management System that provides an excellent grilling capacity and easy clean-up. Not to mention, the other features include foldable side tables, hooks, and warming rack.

The Cuisinart CGG-306 Tabletop grill is also the best option for small spaces and budgets. It is the most portable, and you can use it anywhere – outdoors, indoors, and even in the mountains or forests. Despite its size, it comes with handy features such as foldable legs, lids, and a built-in thermometer.

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