Best Fire Pit Grills 2023 Review & Buying Guide

The smell of wood-burning fire on a backyard patio garden stove feels so relaxing. And, there’s the distinct flavor of food prepared via indirect cooking. Especially when the holidays are just around the corner, it’s going to be a fun, festive day!

Fire pits are a romantic way to spend a night under the stars. It’s also an interactive way to entertain guests. Well, you can make them cook your food without asking because it’s just so fun! Kidding aside, it can turn any activity more enjoyable.

So, get ready for your barbeque and kebab recipes. We’re going to take grilling to the next level and keep you cozy and warm at the same time.

5 Recommended Fire Pit Grills in the Market

These outdoor fire pits will make your outdoor grillings a gastronomic adventure. Not to mention, you can use them both as a fire pit and grill grate for your favorite nom noms. Now, you’ve got to get yourself a fire pit grill from our selection!

Product NameDimensionsShape of the product
Shinerich Industrial SRFP96 Pit and Grill35 x 31 x 18 inchesRound oversized grill pit
BioLite FirePit Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit and Grill23 x 15 x 15 inchesPortable rectangular 20 lb metal unit that stands on four metal legs
Yaheetech 32" Outdoor Metal Firepit Square Table32 x 32 x 14 inchesSquare tabletop
Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit32 x 32 x 25 inchesCircular bowl with four legs and a circular ring at the base

1. Shinerich Industrial SRFP96

Shinerich Industrial SRFP96 pit and grill

This wood-burning fire pit boasts of sturdy steel construction. From the metal crate, base ring to the extended safety ring, everything is sturdy metal. High-temperature paint coats these parts.

Shinerich SRFP96 also features a grill height adjustment. It allows you to adjust the cooking surface depending on the type of food that you’re going to grill.

One cause of concern for open fire pits is safety. Well, you can park your worries aside. This pit and grill have various safety features. For one, the extended safety ring keeps accidents at bay; it has one of the biggest compared to the competition. It keeps children and unmindful adults away from the fire.

More amazing features? The metal ring makes it a firepit with a footrest!

SRFP96 Pit and Grill is probably the biggest griller that we have on our list. It’s a perfect accent to your garden or backyard, especially if you’re a regular host of your weekend barbeque!

With this one, outdoor grilling has lots of advantages. From enjoying the cozy atmosphere outside to savoring that warm fire on a chilly night, all while gorging on your favorite food, possibilities are endless.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Large fire output
  • Has convenient features
  • Heavy-duty metal cooking grate
  • You can adjust the 360-degree swivel grill up and down with increments of 2 inches
  • The metal fire pit seems quite thin.
  • No safety cover for the large flames

It’s nice to hang out by a massive fire bowl with this one. And since the fire output is large, accidents are looming by the side. The extended circular metal acts as a barrier and reminds you to stay away from the hot grill.

It’s one of the sturdiest grillers and firepits on our recommendation. The heavy-duty metal and high temperature paint sure to match the large fire output.

2. BioLite FirePit Outdoor

BioLite firepit

BioLite FirePit is the king of the hill when it comes to innovation. This millennial-inspired firepit is very lightweight. It’s ideal for camping anywhere without electricity to charge the fire pit.

Unlike most fire pits that are only wood-burning, you can use charcoal or wood as fuel. You can even use it smokeless. It boasts of a 90 percent smoke reduction.

You can easily access the temperature and fire output control through Bluetooth or the Biolite app. You can adjust the temperature settings with a swipe of a finger! When the battery’s low, charge it with a power bank or use the solar bag that it comes with to generate energy from the sun. The BioLite is rechargeable via USB or solar cover, that’s why.

Its innovative design is truly one for the books. Aside from that, its four fan speeds run quietly.

However, you can use this smokeless outdoor fire pit for small fires only. Apart from being a small fire pit, large flames can burn the Bluetooth unit. It’s ideal for camping, trips to the beach, or even in the parking lot. You might want to use it somewhere where you don’t have access to electricity. Just make sure to charge it fully or bring power banks with you. Otherwise, Mr. Sun can charge up, just be ready to wait for a couple of hours. Just be prepared to load up on charcoal or wood. The unit tends to burn fuel fast, but it does have a capacity of 4 standard logs.

This fire pit and griller is the most innovative on our list. This Bluetooth controlled product can make cooking your camping staples very convenient.

  • Best portable fire pit grill
  • Easy to use
  • Dual fuel. It’s a wood and charcoal burning fire pit.
  • Comes with a grill grate for cooking your favorite food
  • Rusts easily
  • It works better for cooking rather than as a fire pit.
  • Small fire output

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds, and surely this product has too. Biolite fire pit outdoor smokeless grill lets you control the heat with a touch of a finger! It comes with a removable cooking grate that you can use for kebabs and burgers but less smoke.

3. Yaheetech 32″ Outdoor Metal Firepit Square Table

Yaheetech 32 in firepit

This firepit can be used in three ways: fire pit, BBQ grill, and an ice bucket! And, it has added features that maximize your purchase. The 32″ square tabletop is fully functional. You can use it to hold your refreshments or grilling essentials.

The metal in the fire bowl doesn’t get too hot, so that’s a great safety feature, especially if there are kids. However, this also means that you can’t get the fire hot enough for those chilly nights.

It’s a great addition to your patio, and it looks lovely from a distance. If you’re looking for an additional garden area to entertain your guests, this can make quite an impressive nook.

This backyard patio garden stove with centerfire pit is black finish steel and mesh. It comes with a poker and outer cover to protect it from the elements.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Has safety features
  • Easy assembly
  • Offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • The fire pit is quite shallow.
  • Some parts feel like cheap plastic
  • Rusts easily

If you’re looking for versatility, this griller and firepit can offer that. You can use it as a fire pit, BBQ grill and you can even place a tub of ice with your beers and soda! It’s nice to place it near a hot tub where you can just grab a bottle of beer as you soak.

However, Yaheetech is ideal for small groups or a couple of nights under the stars. And since the fire output is rather small, it can’t produce large fire suitable to warm a large group of people.

4. Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit Backyard with Cooking Grill

Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire pit

This product from Bali Outdoors has a nice sturdy structure since the base design with four legs is stabilized by a solid circular ring. This sturdy fire pit is surprisingly light and easy to transport.

It also boasts of fully functional features. The outer ledge of the central fire pit is fully useful- you can use it to hold your beer and grilling supplies. Meanwhile the built of the grill makes it so that you can swivel it to 360 degrees. Black finish iron and mesh make the Bali Outdoors grilling product super strong.

And the griller has several features that make it more convenient! It has a large cooking grill area that can accommodate more food. The grill adjustment can be accessed easily. This firepit and griller by far, is the safest grill for kids since the outer ledge doesn’t get too hot. Therefore, it’s safer for children and adults who aren’t that mindful. Kids can roast their marshmallows and s’ mores with no worries!

Bali Outdoors is a firepit that can get really hot, so it’s ideal for use in autumn or winter. The thick metal at the center of the firepit retains the heat, so that you get consistent fire for cozying up on a cool night.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Has safety features
  • Has fully functional parts
  • Comes with a log rack and poker
  • It has limited instructions
  • Paint chips off easily
  • No safety cover (when used as fire pit)

This brand has a big grill area where you can grill your favorite food on top. It can be nicely placed at the porch or your backyard. Moreover, the cooking grill grate is large enough to cook and barbeque for a large group of people. And since the grill swivels to 360 degrees, it’s quite convenient to lift your kebab just in time before it burns out. You can also remove the griller if you want to use it as a fire pit.

5. Catalina Creations 29.5″ Crossfire Fire Pit with Removable Grill

Catalina Creations crossfire pit

It’s classy, stylish, and sturdy. The Catalina has one of the largest fire outputs on our list. But, safety isn’t compromised either. You can enjoy a teepee-like fire with sparks and all but still be safe, for it has a dome mesh that can fully cover the large flames. The circular ring at the base doesn’t get too hot so it can be comfortably used as a footrest. Therefore, the fire stays hot where it’s supposed to be.

Catalina has a heavy-duty steel and cauldron mesh. The cauldron is covered by mesh for safety reasons. Other than that, it’s complete with all the accessories: poker, stainless steel cooking grate, dome mesh cover, and a removable cooking grill.

If you love large fires, then you’d surely fall in love with this crossfire pit!

  • Large fire output
  • Complete accessories
  • Has safety features
  • Portable and weighs only 22 lbs
  • Has a 22″ deep fire pit
  • More on the expensive side
  • The grill mounting pole could have better construction.

Along with Shinerich Industrial SRFP96, this griller and firepit can produce larger fires. These two are the sturdiest of them all. Made with heavy-duty steel construction, it can last for years to come.

What sets it apart is that it has an inclusive dome mesh. As they say, the larger the fire, the merrier the sparks. But you don’t want these types of sparks anywhere near you, would you? The dome mesh will keep you perfectly safe so you can enjoy that warm fire while goring on your s’mores and roasted marshmallows.

Buying Guide for a Good Quality Fire Pit?

fire pit

1. Check the Dimensions

Fire pit grills come in various sizes, so you should pick one that’s suitable for your available space. The best way to make sure that your outdoor space is maximized is to check the dimensions of the fire pit and compare it to your existing space.

Typically, large fire pits can have a diameter of 40-45 inches, while small ones measure 20-25 inches. It’s important to consider the dimensions of the fire pit so that your home won’t be too cold or too congested.

2. Check the Fuel

Fortunately, fire pit grills can run on plenty of fuel sources such as gas and wood. Each fuel type has its pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which to get.

Wood fire pits produce a realistic burning effect and are cheaper than gas fire pits or propane fire pits.

3. Construction: Steel, cast iron, tile, slate

The build construction of a fire pit grill determines its longevity and durability. It will have an exposure to extreme temperatures all the time, so the material better be heavy-duty.

Steel is the most commonly used material for fire pit grills because of its reliability and resilience against high temperatures. But it does come with a weakness, which is its tendency to rust. More expensive fire pit grills put a powder-coated finish to their steel to prevent exactly that.

Cast iron, on the other hand, is a more lightweight (but still durable) material used in fire pit grills. If you value portability above all else, cast iron fire pits are the way to go.

Lastly, tile and slate are patio fire pit material. These things have a rustic, decorative appeal that would complement your beautiful yard. While tile and slate are durable like the two previously mentioned materials, these have a more demanding upkeep.

4. Ease of cleaning

Regardless of the build quality of your fire pit grill, if you don’t clean it regularly, it will degrade faster. You should choose a fire pit that’s relatively easy to clean so you can maintain its efficiency for a very long time.

What are the Benefits of a Fire Pit Grill?

fire pit grill at home

1. Warmth

The best way to feel cozy during a cold night is with the warmth of an actual fire. Not only that, there’s a certain atmosphere that a bonfire or fire pit creates for the people around it: friends and family can have a good time socializing and making conversation, with their facial expressions clearly highlighted by the warm glow of the fire. There’s no better way to beat the cold than with a fire pit grill!

2. Cooking food

Fire pit grills let you freshly cook some of your favorite food outdoors: BBQ, s’mores, whatever you like. These are so useful for outdoor activities since it allows you to go off into the night without feeling hungry.

3. Decor for your home

There are lots of different styles, colors, and designs of fire pits that would complement your home. You can go classic, or contemporary! Therefore, it’s all up to you to make your yard look even more stunning with the right fire pit grill.

The Final Verdict

Now that the season is starting to get chilly, it’s time to bundle up! And of course, a fire pit that also doubles as a cooking grill will make your outdoor feast more cozy. What makes these excellent fire pit grills? It depends on where you’d use them!

If you’re looking for more massive fires and more room for your shrimp kebabs, Catalina Creations Crossfire and Shinerich Industrial SRFP96 are the largest griller and fire pit in our list. You’d just have more safety features with the Crossfire at a higher price, though.

But if you’re on a camping getaway with your friends, BioLite is the most portable. Not to mention, it’s also the most innovative. And, if you’re looking for one that you can use as an ice bucket, Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit Square Table wins the game.

Meanwhile, Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit has excellent room for cooking your burgers. But despite the size, it’s quite portable and easy to move around.

So, mark your calendars for a BBQ party on Saturday, your guests will be impressed. Load up on the shrimp kebabs and burger patties while you’re at it!

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