Best Natural Gas Grills 2023 that Need a Spot in Your Yard

You cannot define an excellent natural gas (NG) grill by its price alone. More than anything else, the quality must be your primary consideration in purchasing one.

While it is true that you can type ‘recommended gas grills’ on different search engines and get infinite suggestions, there’s a big difference if you read an honest review. Unbiased reviews will not only provide you with quick snippets but will also let you know the pros and cons of using a grill that is fueled by natural gas or outdoor gas.

To help you find out the most bang-for-your-buck, we researched for you. Here, we did not only gather the best natural gas grill under 500 but listed the items with the highest quality as well. The following are our ten chosen products that will surely hit the market by storm!

Recommended Natural Gas Grills in the Market 2020

Here’s a glance of the top ten NG-fueled grills. Each product comes with information on the total number of the burner, BTU, dimension, and cooking area:

Product NameBurnerBTUDimension (inches)Cooking Area
Weber 57067001 Q3200221,70030 x 50 x 56462 sq in
Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310330,00052 x 26 x 57424 sq in
Dyna-Glo DGP397CNN-D Premier336,00055 x 23 x 45550 sq in
Broil King 922557 Baron S420440,00057 x 24 x 46644 sq in
Weber 67011001 Genesis II E-410448,00065 x 29 x 47646 sq in
Broil King 958247 Regal 590555,00063 x 25 x 49625 sq in
Napoleon PRO500RSIBNSS-3 Prestige PRO 500480,00026 x 67 x 52900 sq in
Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-3410,00050 x 25 x 45760 sq in
Weber Summit 7270001 S-470448,80066 x 30 x 57580 sq in
Lion 40" Stainless Steel On Cart575,00025 x 64 x 48802 sq in

1. Weber Q3200

Weber Q 3200 Gas grill

If you are searching for a grill with a lot of ‘extras’ packs, the Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill is your best option! Aside from its dependable grilling system, this compact grill also has a handle light (for the dark area), thermometer, and three storage hooks.

This NG-fueled grill is powered by two stainless steel main burners that produce up to 21,700 BTU/ hour, which is enough to heat a 393 square-inch grilling surface.

The compact built of the Weber Q3200 is another compelling reason why this is on our list. Its engineering following a unique open cart design lets you use the grill even in a small patio.

Keep in mind that this 2-burner gas grill is not only recommended for experienced chefs but novice pitmasters as well. With its ‘easy-to-start electronic ignition technology,’ you can operate this grill in no time.

You can also modify the grates of this grill, depending on your needs. There is a specific griddle (sold separately) to cater breakfast, lunch, and dinner grilling sessions. Regarding its built, indeed, this product is a perfect choice! Its body is covered with a cast aluminum lid and comes with porcelain cooking grates.

  • It has a built-in thermometer and auxiliary cooking light
  • Attached hooks for storage
  • Convenient and space-saving design
  • Its case is made up of combined porcelain and cast-iron
  • Non-detachable from its cart

This has got you covered in all of your grilling needs. Aside from that, this item comes with a lot of auxiliary parts and components. So, if you want to hit two birds with one stone, the Weber Q3200 is our top recommendation!

2. Weber Spirit II E-310

Weber Spirit II E-310

Equipped with the revolutionized Gs4 Grilling System, this item will put your grill experience to the next level. What’s unique about the GS4 Grilling System is that it is armed with high-performance burners and improved E2i ignitors.

This gas grill also capitalizes much on its Infinity Ignition System. The said innovation ensures a smooth gas ignition even after decades of using this natural gas grill.

Meanwhile, some chefs brand the Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Gas Grill as a luxury grill due to its intuitive design. And aside from the 10-year warranty that Weber provides to its customers, you will also love the 10 feet hose freebie. Also, this model comes with a built-in thermometer and six hooks for tool storage.

Not only that, but this grill also has three powerful burners that can yield up to 30,000 BTU. And with its 529 square inches total cooking area, it will cater to your everyday grill needs, including substantial roasting sessions!

You can use the Weber Spirit II E-310 both as an indoor and outdoor gas grill since it has two large wheels for mobility. Another best feature is that it comes from a wide color selection- from classic black, blue, white, and attractable sapphire.

  • Utilized the Gs4 Grilling System to ensure high-quality and reliable grilling
  • Infinity Ignition System provides a seamless fuel ignition even after years of using the grill
  • Comes with auxiliary equipment: thermometer and hooks
  • A portable open cart model
  • The brass material of this product contains lead

If you want to experience the cutting-edge grill experience brought by the Gs4 Grilling System, this product is worth the try! Weber also assures you a 10-year product warranty protection in case of any issues that may occur later on.

3. Dyna-Glo DGP397CNN-D Premier

Dyna-Glo DGP397CNP-D Premier

This natural gas grill fronts its Equiheat technology that ensures an even heat spread through its three total burners. Once the heat evenly distributes to all of its parts, you then get high-quality roast food. Take note also that the power of its three stainless steel burners is capable of producing 36,000 BTU, which finely grills meat placed within 550 square inches of cooking area.

The design of the Dyna-Glo Premier is simple, but its quality and features are, indeed, exceptional! This type of NG grill can even cook 19 regular size burgers at once. Also, this product is best for heating vegetables and searing steak.

You will also commend Dyna-Glo Premier’s simple and integrated ignition system, for it is very inclusive to diverse users- even for newbies. In terms of moving the grill outdoor, you will never have a problem since this product comes with four-wheel mobility support.

If you want your food to taste like of that in a fine restaurant, well, that’s what the Dyna-Glo DGP397CNN-D Premier’s cast-iron cooking grates provide to you! The cast-iron grates ensure a direct heat transfer to food to maintain its quality. And that’s not all! With the folding side shelves of this trusty grill, you can maximize your limited space!

  • Even distribution of heat courtesy of the ‘Equiheat’ Technology
  • Installed three powerful stainless steel burners
  • Compact and portable
  • Space-saver
  • With cast-iron cooking grates for direct transfer of heat
  • The product is bulky

The Dyna-Glo DGP397CNN-D Premier is suited for those people who are very particular with the quality and taste of the food even after exposing it to grill heat. Now, due to the unique ‘Equiheat’ technology of this grill, you are assured that all sides of the meat will cook evenly and that there’s no single thread of the meat that will be left unexposed to the heat!

4. Broil King Baron S420

Broil King Baron S420

This product is an NG grill that goes beyond the standard roasting, searing, and heating of foods. Because when you use the Broil King 922557 Baron S420 Natural Gas Grill, you will enjoy the perks of the ‘linear heat control’ technology. The said innovation ensures a perfect configuration of the grill’s temperature through its intuitive touch control knobs.

The Sure-Light Ignition System is also notable since it is responsible for the seamless and rapid starting mechanism of the grill.

Other natural gas grills will envy the superb combo of the Broil King 922557 Baron S420: a side burner with a 10,000 BTU and a rotisserie burner that produces an impressive 15,000 BTU output. Now for the roasting detail, this item will not let you down! It utilizes a high-grade motor and spits rod to maximize the transfer of heat to the meat, burger, etc.

Meanwhile, the Broil King’s patented large diameter and pure stainless steel tube-in and tube-side burners will take charge of the even distribution of heat to ensure a premium-grade roasting.

The product is also capable of retaining the excellent flavor and aroma of foods through its Flav-R-Wave stainless steel vaporizers and vapor arresters. This grill also used high-quality cast iron grids with dual (pointed and grooved) sides to make sure that no juice of the meat will skip the grill.

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t have a spacious area because you can close the foldable shelves to save space.

  • Runs the ‘Linear Heat Technology’ to ensure specific heat adjustment
  • Sure-Light Ignition System that keeps a rapid and glitch-free start
  • Powerful side and rotisserie burners that produce up to 15,000 BTU
  • Foldable shelves to save space
  • Lacks gas gauge for fuel monitoring

If you are searching for natural gas grills that don’t cost as high as the available sophisticated grills in the market today, then this one is the best alternative! Due to the simple makeup of Broil King Baron S420, even a newbie can master this grill in just a short period. So, we recommend this to expert and not-so-expert pitmasters!

5. Weber Genesis II E-410

Weber Genesis II E-410

The Weber 67011001 Genesis II E-410 NG mainly takes pride in its enameled-porcelain and cast-iron grates that keep the balanced distribution of heat from the grilling surface towards the food. This product was intentionally sealed with porcelain and enameled lid to ensure complete retention of heat.

If you are a ‘techy’ person, you will find the iGrill3 application of this natural gas-fueled grill as a significant addition. The said app gives you a real-time temperature monitoring from your grill going straight to your mobile phone.

The grease management system of this grill is also exceptional. All the drippings that skip the Flavorizer Bar will go directly to the disposable drip tray located beneath the grill’s cook box.

Multitasking is also not a problem if you choose this grill. While you are grilling the main course, you can even heat other foods such as toast buns and burgers. You won’t have to ask how to reheat steak with it, too, since it’s made easy with Genesis II. You can also use the side table of the grill to store seasonings, platters, and trays. On the other hand, you can hang the grilling tools on the hooks located on the side of the grill.

  • Furnished with cast iron and porcelain-enameled grill grates for heat distribution
  • Has a reliable Grease Management System for easy maintenance
  • Multitasking/ Multi-grilling is possible with this item
  • Space-saver design
  • Burners are a bit far from the grate

We recommend this for people who are always on-the-go! You can save time using this natural gas grill since you can grill the main course and, at the same time, heat other food.

6. Broil King Regal 590

Broil King 958247 Regal 590

Equipped with 9 mm stainless cooking grids, five stainless dual-tube burners, a porcelain warming rack, and a genuine Flav-R-Wave System, this NG grill must be on your roasting bucket list!

The main burner of this product is capable of producing 55, 000 BTU. Its side burner yields 10,000 BTU, while its Rotisserie burner has 15,000 BTU output.

When it comes to durability, you cannot underrate the Broil King 958247 Regal 590, NG Grill. Its side tables and enclosed cabinet are all made of pure stainless steel. Also, its cooking grades are 56% heavier than the typical natural gas grills. Such engineering intends to improve heat retention and to provide bolder sear marks.

The aesthetic appeal of this grill is also breathtaking. The stunning blue Light Emitting Diode (LED)- controlling knob enables you to see the specific temperature gauge configuration; at the same time, it adds a stunning, regal look to your patio.

This product is made in North America and comes with a decent warranty policy. Unlike propane grills, this grill is safer and doesn’t pose any harm to the environment. This NG grill comes with a limited warranty on its cook box, while a 10-year warranty is good for its Flav-R-Wave System, cooking grates, and burners. The remaining components are subject to 2-year warranty insurance.

  • With heavy and sturdy cooking grades to ensure heat retention and bolder sear marks
  • Equipped with Flav-R-Wave System to trap the juice and aroma of foods
  • LED- controlling knob for aesthetic and monitoring
  • Tough built for prolonged usage
  • Comes with a decent warranty policy
  • Bulky; hence, it is not easy to transfer the grill from one place to another

Most BBQ grills offer the same thing-to provide a reliable grilling for your backyard party. However, the Broil King 958247 Regal 590 went beyond the usual thing and invested much on its aesthetic appeal. Hence, we recommend this backyard companion for people who have a classy taste!

7. Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

With a whopping 80,000 BTU output, the Napoleon PRO500RSIBNSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 Natural Gas Grill is indeed a great choice! It also comes with four stainless steel main burners that ensure the even distribution of heat.

This grill has a 900 square inches total cooking area; thus, this can cater to a vast roast party. You will not also encounter a problem regarding the grill’s adjustment knob since it is equipped with a reliable safety feature to prevent any untoward incidents. Aside from this, the LED spectrum installed in this grill will surely be of great help in adjusting the flame of the burner, especially in dark places.

You will also find the lightweight top lid of this NG grill as one of its notable features. And since both the side and the rotisserie burners of this grill are all infrared, you are assured of perfect heat distribution and a quick preheat. A lot of studies also found out that infrared grills constitute to the improvement of the food taste.

  • A powerful burner that stands at 80,000 BTU output
  • Adjustment knob with a safety feature to prevent any occurrence of untoward incidents
  • LED spectrum that aids in configuring or adjusting the heat of the grill
  • Lightweight top lid that makes the grill easy to open and operate
  • You need to provide your power cord to use the grill (not included in the order package)

This Napoleon grill is advisable for those who are looking for a grill that’s packed with innovations. Of course, this is out of the ordinary. It seamlessly integrates the power of infrared to not only provide a quick and delicate grilling process but to improve the taste of the food as well.

8. Napoleon Built-in Prestige PRO 500 RB

Napoleon Built-in Prestige PRO 500 RB

With its heavy-duty built, you can rely on the Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-3 natural gas grill, even if you use this in an extended period. This built-in grill comes with four 10,000 BTU burners to cook your burger and barbecue that way you want. While it is true that this grill produces lesser BTU than its competitors, this does not mean that it will perform lesser. A higher BTU output will not guarantee better performance.

For the working area, 760 square inches should meet your demands. This size is more than enough to cater to your needs, even if you are hosting a bigger party.

This built-in grill is stainless steel; thus, you’re sure of its lasting built. It also features high-protruding adjustment knobs for easy management and temperature control. The fuel gauge of this item is also explicitly displayed, so you will not experience issues of sudden fuel outage- which most likely happens to those grills without a fuel monitoring gauge.

As with the other models of Napoleon grills, the BIPRO500RBNSS-3 Stainless Steel Gas Grill employed the unique wave grids that are intended to hold bold and distinct sears.

  • Heavy-duty built for optimum performance
  • The wide working area for higher roasting demands
  • Easy-to-grip adjusting knobs for seamless heat control and configuration
  • Made with the iconic wave-like grids for distinct grill smears
  • International shipping of this item isn’t applicable to some countries

This product is a simple yet reliable NG grill that you must try. Unlike the other models that somehow succumbed to the users with too-good-to-be-true features, this one will serve you with the just and right way. The BTU output is not that powerful, but its grilling power is unique and of high-quality.

9. Weber Summit S-470

Weber Summit S-470 gas grill

The Weber Summit 7270001 S-470 is another four-burner natural gas user that capitalizes much on its performance. Its 48,800 BTU output is capable of heating the grill surface for up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes.

And just like the other Weber products, this item is cost-effective. However, despite its lower price (compared to its competitors), this item will not put your hard-earned money to the wastebasket. Most of the parts of the Weber Summit S-470 are 304-grade stainless steel. This construction means that from its warming rack, cooking grates, body cover, down to its primary and secondary burners- these are all rust-resistant!

Therefore, you will save a lot of money and time since you will spare yourself from frequent maintenance and part replacement. The rear burner of this grill is also infrared. So, expect a better taste of your food in your every grill.

  • Fast-heating burner
  • Cheaper to its competitors but provides a superb performance
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel that is exceptionally corrosion-proof
  • Infrared rear burner for taste improvement
  • The side counter area is a bit thinner; thus easily flex

We recommend the Weber Summit S-470 due to its sturdy built. People must try this product since it is rare to find a cheaper alternative that can provide a stunning grilling performance.

10. Lion L90000 Natural Gas Grill on Cart

Lion 40 in natural gas grill on cart

This one one provides an excellent cooking control due to its five cast stainless burners. There is no issue regarding the durability of Lion L90000 since it is made from 304-grade stainless steel. You will also be attracted to its temperature monitoring gauge situated on top of the grill’s lid.

Since there are times that we opt to grill during the night and savor the beauty of the dark sky, this grill equips interior lighting features.

The fire control of this grill is so exceptional with its patented Six Lion Quick Lite valves that ensure a steady and fast flame output, coupled with an easy-to-operate heat adjustment knob. Even in an unstable or hostile environment, you can always have a memorable grilling experience with the Lion 40 Inch Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill On Cart– thanks to its dual-layer stainless steel and welded grills.

You can use this grill even on a big occasion since it has 802 square inches of working space.

  • Five cast stainless burners for precise heat control
  • Made from a 304-grade stainless steel that is the industry standards for corrosion-proof equipment
  • Has interior lightning features to help in night grilling and also adds to its aesthetic appeal
  • Designed with an easy-to-operate heat adjustment knob that even novice users can master in no time
  • The base assembly is a bit difficult for those with bigger hands

This one is the best option if you are looking for the right combination of aesthetic, durability, and performance in a natural gas grill. We recommended the Lion L90000 to people who want to elevate their grilling experience!

Final Verdict

We liked the Broil King Regal 590 and the Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 since both are monsters when it comes to heating power and cooking space. For a more compact option, Weber Q 3200 is a good investment- you can bring it just about anywhere.

You can trust our reviews and buying guides to help you get an excellent quality natural gas grill. So, go on, take the next step to keep cooking to your heart’s desire!

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