Best Smokeless Indoor Grills in 2023

The days of summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean enjoying hot, freshly grilled meals with your family needs to end! With the chilly fall and winter seasons upon us, you’re going to be more likely to cook indoors.

The only issue probably you won’t fill your whole house with the smoke comes from your grill. You’re in luck! Nowadays, smokeless indoor grilling is possible and offers many of the same benefits of outdoor grilling without the need for charcoal, propane, or even a backyard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a grill that produce less smoke which you could use in the comfort of your home?

Top 10 Recommended Smokeless Grills for Indoor Grillings

Thoughts of cookouts and plates of juicy, char-grilled meat are probably already having you catching whiffs of charcoal and wiping up bits of drool by now. While firing up a charcoal grill in your home is not recommended, you can satisfy BBQ cravings anytime with an indoor grill.

We’ve compiled a list of the top grills for indoor BBQ so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. So without further ado here is the 10 recommended indoor smokeless grills on the market:

Product NameDimensionsWeightWattageWarranty
George Foreman GGR50B22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inches7 lbs1,6001 year limited warranty
Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill19.7 x 13.2 x 6.7 inches10.8 lbs1,5001 year limited warranty
Philips Indoor BBQ Grill HD6371/947.5 x 21.9 x 16.9 inches15.7 lbs1,6601 year limited warranty
Power XL Smokeless Grill22.1 x 13.2 x 9.25 inches (with lid)10 lbs1,50060-day moneyback guarantee
Maxi-Matic EMG-980B17.2 x 17 x 4.1 inches6 lbs1,4001 year limited warranty
Techwood Power Electric Grill19.5 x 11 x 4.5 inches10.7 lbs1,50060-day hassle-free return policy & 36-month limited warranty
Hamilton Beach Grill 31605N4.33 x 20.31 x 11.89 inches8 lbs1,5001-year limited warranty
George Foreman Domed Electric Grill11 x 20 x 20.5 inches17 lbs1,5003-year limited warranty
Hot Shot Smokeless Grill21 x 15 x 9 inches17.8 lbs1,20060-day money-back guarantee
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill (model: 25360)12.4 x 16.7 x 6.8 inches8.14 lbs1,2001-year limited warranty

1. George Foreman GGR50B – Our Top Pick

George Foreman GGR50B

Owning a George Foreman grill makes for an excellent investment because of the many innovative features and timeless quality.

The GG50B model boasts a large grilling surface, with an easy to clean, non-stick surface.

Totaling a surface area of 240 square inches, you will be able to heat this electric smokeless grill and churn out several steaks and sides in no time.

Because this smokeless indoor grill runs entirely on electricity, indoor BBQ is possible because it doesn’t produce any smoke. Despite the large size and reputable brand, this George Foreman grill can be found sold for under $100.

Because of its larger size, if you live in a very small apartment or have limited space in the kitchen, this may not be the best fit. The detachable stand is great and allows for the typical outdoor grilling setup but will go to waste if it’s confined to a crowded kitchen counter.

You will never go wrong if you put your trust in products from this popular brand. For big families, parties, and small businesses, the George Foreman GGR50B grill is large and in charge.

It gets the job done efficiently without using propane or charcoal, which makes it safe to use, even for beginners. Because of its handy detachable stand, you can enjoy a unique grilling experience both indoors and outdoors.

2. Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

Delonghi BG24

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of grilling food at home but need to work on a tight budget? As the name suggests, the Delonghi Perfecto is, indeed, perfect for you!

The Perfecto smokeless indoor grill sports a removable, die-cast aluminum grill plate with non-stick coating. In addition, it utilizes a tempered glass lid that is durable and retains moisture, all while allowing for a clear look of what you’re cooking.

There is almost no limit to what you can cook on your grill. Whip up tasty meals ranging from succulent NY strip or ribeye steaks to fresh vegetables to kid-friendly sandwiches. And of course, non-stick cooking allows for less oil – meaning less fat and calories!

You might be wondering how to clean grill grates of the Delonghi. The primary downside of this product is that although it features removable grill plates and removable drip tray, the grill itself cannot be soaked in the sink, nor is it dishwasher safe.

This is due to the electrical components being embedded into the grill. If the grill gets oil or grime on it, just clean it off with a damp towel and mild soap.

Priced generally below $50, you can save a lot of money right off the bat. If this indoor electric grill gets you to cook at home more often, you will see your pockets get fatter (while your waistline gets thinner!)

3. Philips Indoor BBQ Grill HD6371/94

Philips Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill

This award-winning smokeless indoor BBQ grill from Philips is more than a pretty face cooking appliance. It equipped with advanced technology and simple, user-friendly design, which makes this grill suitable for any household.

As an iF (International Forum) Design award winner, this grill will suit any kitchen design and complement your other appliances and fixtures. Beneath its sleek and stylish exterior is a uniquely robust heating element that utilizes grill plates with infrared technology.

Beauty, brains, and brawn— is the entire package! However, something this great does come with a price. The suggested retail price of this smokeless grill ranges from $250-300, which may be too expensive for people who do not intend to grill often.

This smokeless indoor grill is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. The matte black body contrasted by the brushed-steel look of the aluminum grill plate gives this product a timeless, classy look. Parties and get-togethers will be taken to a new level with this Philips indoor grill as a centerpiece. Not only does the machine look good, but the food it cooks are just as good.

However, if we compare with the other grills on this list, this grill comes with a heftier price tag. If you’re not particular about looks, then choosing a more budget-friendly unit would be more than satisfactory.

4. Power XL Smokeless Grill

Power XL Smokeless Grill

Featured on TV and endorsed by professional chef Eric Theiss, the Power XL smokeless grill is quite the powerhouse it claims to be. Like other indoor grills, the Power grill includes removable plates, tempered glass lid, and temperature controls. But what makes it so “powerful”?

Instead of metal, the detachable grill and griddle plates are ceramic. Food is less likely to get overcooked or burned because ceramic disperses heat more evenly and slowly.

Also, ceramic cookware is said to be healthier and safer than those made out of metal, particularly cast iron cookware, which can leach large amounts of iron and other minerals into your cooking—yikes!

Another distinguishing feature of this unit is the temperature control panel. While other indoor electric grills have a build-in dial and indicator light, the Power XL has an advanced touch control LED panel.

Power with control is the name of the game here! This grill can quickly and safely reach temperatures up to 450°F in less than a minute. In addition to the glass lid, the Power XL is designed to be a truly smokeless BBQ grill with its turbo smoke extraction action.

The Power XL offers a large cooking surface, but only a close second to the George Foreman GGR50B grill. It is available at the mid-range price bracket; however, one deal-breaker may be the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Other grills on this list offer a one-year warranty, but the Power grill, unfortunately, does not—although the upside is that the grill can be returned or replaced for any reason, not limited to manufacturer defects.
Bottom line: there are better grills on the market at better prices, but if you prefer to have the option of a griddle plate in addition to the traditional grill, then this one will suit your needs.

5. Maxi-Matic EMG-980B

Maxi-Matic EMG-980B

After scrolling through the seemingly endless product results when you type “indoor grill” in the search bar, you may feel your eyes glazing over at the sight of the sea of boring, rectangular grills. This Maxi-Matic grill certainly breaks the mold and stands out with its one-of-a-kind circular form.

Maxi-Matic EMG-980B is compact and relatively light so that it can be placed safely on your tabletop. The round shape and excellent built-in grill handles allow for ergonomic handling even while warm. Easily replicate the cook-it-yourself style restaurant experience at the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost!

The drip pan, non-stick grill, and thermostat control are all detachable, which allows for dish-washing and quick clean up. A small difference between other grills and this model is that it uses 1400 watts, which can cut down on energy costs a bit.

Downsides for this smokeless indoor grill is that the grilling surface area is much smaller than most of the other grills available and the round shape will leave some awkward gaps in your cabinet once you decide to store it. Because the temperature control cord is detachable, it is more likely to get lost or damaged, especially during big moves.

If you’re not planning on making big meals in a hurry, then the Maxi-Matic grill fits the bill. The design is a bit fun and looks less intimidating than others with its straightforward temperature control dial. On top of all that, you can find this unit sold for less than $50! Perfect for small families and singletons alike.

6. Techwood Power Electric BBQ Grill

Techwood Smokeless Indoor Grill

With a name like “Techwood,” you should definitely expect a product that uses cutting edge technology. This indoor smokeless grill does everything other electric grills do, but with more innovative features that make cooking at home more enjoyable.

While most electric smokeless grills claim to be smoke-free, it’s impossible to eliminate smoke and vapor entirely. While the smoke produced is not the same kind of smoke that comes from charcoal grills, excessive amounts of it can trigger smoke detectors and engulf your entire house with the smell of grilled meat.

With the Techwood grill, its claim to smoke-lessness is not an empty one. The grill features advanced airflow technology and a discrete fan, which helps to dissipate the smoke before it builds up. Also, the Techwood grill sports an accurate digital temperature and fan control panel with LED lights.

The grill itself looks appealing and simple, albeit not as aesthetically pleasing as the award-winning Philips smokeless grill. As with other grills, this one includes detachable, dishwasher-safe plates. However, it lacks any glass lid.

Overall, this is a solid grill and a good option for people who don’t want to be smelling grilled meat and smoke for days (although, for some, that might sound like something to look forward to).

The smokelessness of this grill is superior to others, while the actual cooking and maintenance are about the same. The price range is moderate, but you will get what you pay for in this case.

7. Hamilton Beach Grill 31605N

Hamilton Beach Health Smart Grill model 31605N

Planning on getting in shape for your New Year’s resolution or shed a few pounds before a special event? Before signing up for an expensive gym membership, try changing your diet. After all, as they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

The Hamilton Beach Health Smart® Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a low-profile electric grill that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Despite its relatively small size, the grilling surface is spacious enough to cook eight servings at one time.

If you’re looking to cut down on calories, this smokeless indoor grill contains a drip pan beneath the heating plate, which collects excess fat. Different from other drip pans, water should be added here to help catch oil, prevent smoke, and make cleanup a cinch.

Although this grill is advertised for both indoor and outdoor use, it is not entirely waterproof and cannot be used in inclement weather. Because there is only one drip pan located beneath the grill, the accumulation of grease cannot be removed until the grill is cool to touch.

Simple and true to its name, the Health Smart® indoor/outdoor grill can help you on your road to a healthier version of yourself. The drip pan with water features is different but not entirely necessary nor game-changing. The product itself has garnered good reviews and is moderately priced, but overall lacks some features that are found on even cheaper models.

8. George Foreman Domed Smoke-less Electric Grill

George Foreman IndoorAnother one! Big George may be long retired from professional boxing, but this smokeless indoor grill is a total knock out. It looks and feels like a typical outdoor grill, but because it runs on electricity and can be detached from its stand, it makes for a welcome addition to your kitchen counter.

Moving to an apartment or condo? No problem! Even diehard charcoal or propane-fueled grill users will enjoy using this spacious grill in less than spacious environments such as balconies or front porches. With its large, 240-square inch nonstick surface, cooking for the entire block is totally doable.

The highlights of this grill are the patented George Foreman slope and George Tough non-stick coating. This innovative tandem can drain up to 42% of fat while cooking, which is a big plus for people who are looking to cut down on unwanted calories.

The large domed lid gives this a traditional charcoal grill feel—without the carcinogenic smoke. The lid helps to seal in moisture, flavor, and heat which translates to faster and more delicious cooking.

One potential risk this smokeless indoor grill carries, as cited by several buyers, is that the unit tends to be top-heavy when fully loaded with food and covered with the lid while on the pedestal. To avoid any untoward incidents, always set up the grill in an area with minimal traffic and avoid overcrowding the grill.

With this grill, there’s no need to downgrade your cooking style when moving into a smaller place. The patented design of this George Foreman Domed grill will get you the results you crave without all the fat. Cooking and clean up is a breeze, as well. Just watch out for potential problems involving the stand. It is perfect as a gift to your husband, dad, or uncle (or yourself) this holiday season!

9. Hot Shot Smoke-less Indoor & Outdoor Grill

Hot Shot Smokeless Indoor & Outdoor GrillWhat is it with professional athletes and grills? That question may be one for another day, but one thing is for sure: this smokeless grill is a hot item. Endorsed by pro-basketball player, Charles Oakley, the Hot Shot grill brings restaurant-quality grilling and searing to your home no matter the weather.

This grill pulls out all the stops, featuring: Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology, LED Smart Temperature control panel, interchangeable grill and griddle plates, and a novel hinged glass lid attached directly to the unit.

One gripe that several buyers have mentioned is that the grill does not heat up as hot or as quickly as other grills. This may be due to the lower wattage utilized by this particular device. The attached glass lid may be a double-edged sword in terms of convenience of use and hassle of cleaning.

Use this indoor grill for all your cooking needs, from Sunday brunches to Saturday night steak dinners at home. The design is similar to other grills but still has a distinct look. Despite its name, it may not be as hot as other grills according to some.

It is another As Seen on TV product, and you can form your judgments based on that. Don’t be afraid to give this indoor grill a try because there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, for whatever reason.

10. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing GrillThe first thing that makes this grill stand out from the rest on this list is its design. Instead of an open grill with or without a lid, the smokeless indoor grill from Hamilton Beach is reminiscent of an outdoor hooded grill.

Searing meat, especially steaks, is important to lock in moisture and prevent overcooking it to the point it becomes leathery. The grill plate is thick and has deep grooves, which keeps the food away from grease while leaving beautiful grill marks.

Although it may not look like it, the lid/hood is removable along with the plate and drip tray, so clean up is not going to be an issue after each use. The brushed steel design is nice and gives the grill a clean and professional look.

This grill features a simple manual dial for temperature control but also includes lights that indicate it is powered on and while it is preheating which eliminates unnecessary guesswork or the need for a thermometer.

The searing grill is easy to use but maybe small for some people’s tastes. It does not have a built-in mechanism or design feature that eliminates smoke production, so expect a bit more smoke when cooking things like pork chops and bacon.

With many positive reviews, this grill is a good option for those who are just starting indoor grilling or want an alternative to firing up their large outdoor grills for a quick meal. Although smoke production is minimal, you can further minimize it by avoiding opening the lid frequently while cooking.

What to Look for Before Buying a Less Smoke Grill for Indoor BBQ

Buying a new cooking appliance always requires a bit of careful research before you waltz into just any store or online shop. Sellers and store clerks will be eager to push slow-moving or expensive products onto you if you don’t know what to look for.

To help you define what aspect to look before buying a smokeless indoor grill, review this checklist of things to look for:

1. Wattage and voltage

Be aware that devices with higher wattage can translate to a higher cost of operation. Voltage is important, especially when ordering online from abroad because a 220V grill cannot be used in America without a special converter.

2. Size

Before you look for your dream grill, first decide where you will place it. Measure the potential space of the grill to be sure it can safely fit in your home. 

Be sure to account for extra space around the grill to prevent crowding and to damage the surrounding objects, which can also be risks for fire.

3. Reviews

Honest reviews from reputable sources are always a good idea. Trusted and popular brands can have hundreds of reviews on their products, which can assure you before deciding on a product.

No reviews on a product? This doesn’t mean you should not consider the product. If there is a warranty or return policy, you are safe to take a chance on a product and be the first to review it for yourself.

4. Warranty and return policy

In line with the previous statement, products with a warranty can give you additional peace of mind when buying a product. 

Take note of whether the warranty covers the entire unit or just parts of it. Always check the product thoroughly before using it, and if you find any defects, try to return it for replacement or refund before actually cooking on it.

5. Availability of parts

Nothing lasts forever, not even metal grill plates. Over time, grills will degrade with normal wear and tear, especially if you cook on it every day. 

Take into consideration the price of the grill and price and availability of its parts.

It’s typically more cost-effective to replace a nonstick grill plate than it is to buy an entirely new grill. However, if you buy a discontinued model, you may need to be prepared to do just that once a part gets damaged or worn out.

Wrapping Things Up

The smokeless grills with the best combination of size, function, and versatility are the George Foreman grills. Not only are these capable of indoor BBQ cooking, but they can also stand their ground outdoors.

The Power XL and Techwood grills are also units that may pique your interest if sleek, digital panels suit your fancy. Both have their unique qualities, the former offering ceramic plates and the latter with advanced airflow technology.

The most affordable on this list are the Maxi-Matic, Delonghi, and Hamilton Beach Health Smart® grills. With all the basic features shared by all the previously mentioned electric smokeless grills, it’s great to know that there are options for as low as $30 but can still achieve amazing results.

And there you have it, the top ten electric indoor grills! Whether you are a brand loyalist, seasoned cook, or a newbie griller, there is a grill that’s just right for you.

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