Best Wireless Meat Thermometer 2023 for BBQ & Grills

Thermometers have got to be one of the frequently overlooked kitchen tools, especially for grilling. Most people do not even bother to buy one because they just rely on “eyeballing” the meat. If undercooked, then it goes back to the grill, if overcooked, then it is still edible.

That is why we always recommend buying a thermometer, especially a wireless one. It makes the cooking experience better and the food the best.

A wireless meat thermometer is an upgrade to the typical meat thermometer. In essence, you can monitor the temperature with a dedicated remote or through a mobile application; it connects by Bluetooth, internet connection, or the device’s connection. No more staying by the grill or smoker and bearing the heat of it. With this gadget, you know the temperature of your meat while watching TV in the living room!

Top Picks of the Wireless Meat Thermometers

Have a quick glance at the ten grill and smoker thermometers we compiled: see their specs and details. Make sure to read our review of each meat thermometer still to make sure your money’s well spent!

Product nameHighlightWarranty
ThermoPro TP20Both transmitter and receiver have a robust build quality1 or 3-years warranty
Weber iGrill 2Can connect up to 4 probesUnspecified
Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set - Maverick ET732Can be upgraded with a 6-foot waterproof wired probeUnspecified
ThermoPro TP-08SComes with a 3-inch and 6.-5-inch probe1 or 3-years warranty
Veken Meat Thermometer for Grilling, BBQ, Wireless 4 Probe RemoteThe connection is up to 490-feet2-year warranty
Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ ThermometerRechargeable and a feature-packed mobile application1-year warranty
The MeatStick and Bridge setThe probe is the transmitter itself and can increase connection range using its Bridge30-day money-back guarantee
New Meater OSC-MT-MP01The charger is also a signal booster1-year warranty
ThermoWorks BlueDOTUltra-compact palm-like size with a splash-proof housingUnspecified
Fireboard FBX11 ThermometerAllows exporting of temperature data and can use 6 probes6-month warranty

1. ThermoPro TP20 – Our Top Pick

ThermoPro TP20

The ThermoPro is among the brand’s many meat thermometers- probe or instant-read thermometer, wireless like this one, and outdoor thermometers. This is a brand that you can rely on to have accurate digital thermometers at a reasonable price.

The device comes with a thermometer with an accuracy of ±1.8°F, a monitor (which has its connection), and two metal probes. A dual-probe system allows you to either monitor two pieces of meat at the same time. You can also use it for a large pork leg probed to each end. The probes can measure temperatures from 32°F to 572°F.

The temperature probes connect to the thermometer (transmitter) through a braided wire, which can withstand temperatures up to 716°F. Even when you tug it, it feels solid and firm. The jack also connects tightly to the transmitter.

After testing the alarm, the timer smoothly beeps, and its sounds are clear and loud. The backlight LCD display is enough to show the display on the LCD screen when you’re cooking during the evenings.

The monitor has a long-range connection of 300 feet. Just attach it to your belt with its belt clip, and you’ll receive a notification when you reach the desired temperature. The setup and synchronization are also accessible, while the connection is always stable. You will not have surprises with this one, unlike other cheap thermometers. It also has nine preset temperatures for different types of meat and its different doneness levels as recommended by the US Dairy Association.

  • Certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Conformité Européenne (CE), and Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (ROHS)
  • Wire stand on the transmitter can be used as a hook too
  • Solid construction and has a rubber sleeve
  • Not rechargeable needs 4 AAA batteries
  • Exclusively works with the included receiver
If you are searching for an affordable and functional wireless dual probe thermometer, this is a good pick! The limited features are what make it possible to have its price range. It is also widely certified by different organizations, so there is no reason to keep worrying about malfunctioning mid-grilling or contaminating your food.

2. Weber iGrill 2

Weber iGrill2

For a minimalist setup, the Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer comes without a receiver because the thermometer connects to your mobile device through its application. This wireless meat thermometer connects to your device using Bluetooth connection, so you have the flexibility to use any tool available instead of being limited to a single remote or receiver.

Weber iGrill 2 meat thermometer can connect up to four probes (there are already two in the package), so you can monitor four pieces of meat. The probe itself is also curved and has a plastic handle to avoid burns. The wire and the probe itself is metal except for the jack, which uses a thick plastic material.

The probe cable can withstand a maximum heat of 716˚F while the thermometer can measure the temperature from -22°F to 572°F. Meanwhile, you can magnetize the small transmitter to a metal surface. It has an easy to read illuminated display. It runs on two AA batteries. Monitoring meat temperature has never been this easy.

The app has pre-programmed temperatures, so you do not have to guess anymore the ideal temperature for smoking a brisket or reheating some ribs. It has an alarm and timer too, which will remind you in case you forgot about your grill.

The ability to monitor your BBQ smoker or grill makes cook-outs more of a leisurely activity than a stressful challenge.

  • A compact profile makes it easy to bring anywhere.
  • Bluetooth connection using an application allows multi-device flexibility.
  • Can connect up to four probes
  • The Bluetooth thermometer can be unstable sometimes.
  • Not rechargeable
The Weber iGrill 2 is a thermometer for those regularly grilling or smoke a small batch of meat during special events. You can purchase an additional two probes to have four probes. This design provides accurate readings as shown simultaneously in the mobile application.

3. Maverick ET732

Maverick Wireless BBQ thermometer

The reason why Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set – Maverick ET732 is the best is you can buy a 6-foot waterproof probe. Grill or oven, this meat thermometer set is versatile with its different probe wire lengths.

The transmitter and receiver look premium with its crisp display and loud beep. You can track your meat’s internal temperature 300 feet away with these BBQ thermometers. The wireless receiver will notify you if the connection is getting weaker. If the temperature goes up or down the prescribed temperature, it will notify you by either blinking or beeping.

Two probes come with the Maverick Wireless set. Both temperatures are simultaneously on display without blocking the temperature alerts. You can stick the probe up to 6 inches inside the meat while recording up to 572°F. We liked the L-shaped jack that avoids pulling out the wire by accident.

Maverick ET732 saves your settings and preferences even if it’s shut down. An excellent feature to speed up your workflow without repeatedly tweaking the settings every time you use it. The transmitter can be propped up or hung using its wire stand, and the receiver can be propped up too or attached to your belt.

  • Can be used with a 6-foot probe
  • A large display shows the temperature and every notification and setting.
  • The small antennae ensure a clear connection even up to the maximum range.
  • The transmitter and receiver can get slippery when held with sweaty hands.
  • Up to two probes only.
The Maverick ET732 is an essential wireless BBQ thermometer that performs as intended. As expected with products from a reputable company, it has ready-to-buy replacement parts in case you lost yours over time. This product is a wise choice for those looking for a long-range wireless thermometer who already knows a thing or two about cooking meat.

4. ThermoPro TP-08S

ThermoPro TP08S

There is a reason why ThermoPro thermometers always have a couple of their products in BBQ fans’ top-rated lists. Along with the brand’s bestsellers, which are the Thermopop and ThermapenTP-08S is an excellent example of the brand’s quality. A robust, accurate, and professionally certified wireless meat thermometer.

Unlike others, this meat thermometer has a dedicated button for switching between degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. Helpful for a professional chef that is continually traveling or a home cook that wants both measurements.

The dual probes are unlike any other system: two durables probes with varying lengths. The metal mesh probe wires are both 40 inches long, but the shorter probe is 3 inches while the other is 6.5 inches. You can extend the more extended probe into the thickest part of the meat. When bending both probes with your hand and against the countertop, you will not get the feeling that it would bend or snap.

Durability is the selling point of this brand’s meat thermometers. This one and the previous ThermoPro come in rubber sleeves, which protects the chassis and insides from falls and gives you a good grip on it.

It is a long-range wireless thermometer, so the receiver is connected to the transmitter up to 300 feet. This feature is also the standard for thermometers at this price bracket. It will beep if the connection is fading or lost, which is a nice feature to avoid going back to the charcoal of meat.

  • You can use the 3.5-inch probe for general food cooking and the 6.5 inches for grilling.
  • Countdown and count-up timer is useful in any situation.
  • Extendable warranty from one year to 3 years
  • Can only use two probes at a time
  • The backlight could be brighter.
A large display and a reliable build quality are what set apart the ThermoPro TP-08S from others. While every thermometer has an accuracy of +-1.8F (+-1C) and a range of 32 to 212F (0 to 100C), this one feels hefty on the hand. You know it will last a long time and perform as expected every time you use it.

5. Veken Meat Thermometer – Best Wireless Thermometer with 4 Probe Remote

Veken meat thermometer

The Veken Meat Thermometer is for serious grillers and BBQ smokers. It has features you would not find elsewhere but still maintaining a competitive price. It is truly a tool that deserves to be in your kitchen.

Let’s start with its remote connection. This meat thermometer can connect up to a range of 490 feet, a 60% increase compared to other thermometers. We tried it at 490 feet, and the connection was secure. This one is a feature that is desirable for those cooking in a large area.

It can also connect up to 4 probes that all have IPX7 waterproof rating and marked to withstand 572°F. The probes feel solid, and the same goes for the 49-inch cable. There is no give or weak spots on the probes, transmitter, and receiver. It also has various preset cooking temperatures for eight types of meat and five levels of doneness.

The temperature reading shows after 1-3 seconds with an accuracy of 1. 8°F or 1°C. After trying the backlit display, it may not be the brightest among the list, but you can see the numbers on the screen even with awkward lighting situations.

  • Side rubber grips feel comfortable and secure to hold
  • 490 feet connection range with four probes, unbeatable combo at this price range
  • Multiple mounting options
  • The timer beep is not as loud compared to others.
  • Hard to operate with one hand due to its bulky profile
At this price point, it is hard to beat the Veken Meat Thermometer. Its 49-inch cable and 5-inch probes are enough to cover various meats of different thicknesses. The 490-feet connection range will give you the privilege to lounge on the sofa while monitoring how hot the grill is.

6. Inkbird IBT-4XS

Inkbird IBT-4XS

When people talk about the best wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer, they always choose either the cheapest or most expensive. However, there are already a lot of thermometers that balance the price without sacrificing functionality. A prime testament to that is the Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer.

This Inkbird IBT-4XS digital meat thermometer can connect up to 4 probes, which are attached to 59-inch cables. The probes come with its removable stand. This design is beneficial to avoid the probe accidentally touching a metal surface or the fire itself, which might mess up the temperature reading. It has an accuracy of ±2 °F/±1 °C and a temperature range of 32° F ~ 572 ° F for quick measurement and 32° F~ 482 ° F for continuous measurement.

The Bluetooth range is up to 150 feet only but is enough for grilling at home. A lot of consumers do not max out the connection range since most still like to be close to the grill. The transmitter is almost palm-size, which is powered by a rechargeable 1000 mAh lithium battery. It also auto-rotates and can be mounted using a magnet.

What stands out is the receiver, which is your mobile device through its application. The Bluetooth connection is secure and does not dip once in a while. It comes with 11 presets and a single customizable preset. It also comes with a temperature graph that visualizes the temperature over time.

  • Compact profile but can connect up to 4 probes.
  • The mobile application features a graph for monitoring.
  • Rechargeable
  • Only 150 feet Bluetooth range
  • The small profile and lack of grip may because of it slipping out of your hands.
If you are just a casual grill or smoker that only needs a moderate connection range, the Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill BBQ Thermometer is an excellent investment. It trades additional probes for less range, which makes it perfect for cooking multiple slices of meat and still standing by near the grill.

7. The MeatStick and Bridge Set

MeatStick Wireless thermometer

While the price tag might shock you, the MeatStick and Bridge set is an innovative take on the typical wireless grill thermometer.

First, its probe is the transmitter itself. It is a food-grade metal that also safely houses the electronics inside it. It can measure the internal temperature up to 212°F and the ambient temperature of your oven up to 572°F. With a full charge, the thermometer has a runtime of 24 hours. Do not worry too of burning your fingers since the ceramic handle can withstand 482°F if it stays in and 572°F for a quick check.

The Bridge device, or its receiver, can also be connected to your mobile device via WiFi or Bluetooth connection. So, you have the choice of just using the Bridge to read the temperature or use the Bridge to increase contact with your phone and use the MeatStick application instead.

The data is also stored online, specifically in the cloud, so that you can view it anywhere. You can use this if you’re stuck in traffic, and your husband is doing the cooking. While monitoring the temperature, you can advise your husband when to decrease the flame or declare the meat done.

You can also buy more sticks, a spare charger, and the Xtender device. This device increases the connection up to 100 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors.

  • Versatile, upgradeable, replaceable
  • Bridge connects to your phone smoothly
  • Can connect via Bluetooth or WiFi
  • This Bluetooth meat thermometer is a cut above the rest, feature-wise and price-wise
  • The thermostat has continuous exposure to heat
The MeatStick and Bridge set are for those who appreciate innovation and do not mind shelling a few more dollars to get the best gear. The thermometer-probe has a similar price to others on this list, so if you have bought the set first, you can buy more probes to monitor more meat at the same time.

8. New Meater OSC-MT-MP01

New Meater+ 165 ft thermometer

Want the style of the previous thermometer but at a better price? The New Meater OSC-MT-MP01 might be for you – if the magazine and celebrity compliments do not convince you, then maybe this review will.

This meat thermometer has an elegant silver body with a deep black handle. Its looks are as impressive as its build quality. There is no feel or sound of rattle when we shake it. Even the case and charger are remarkable with its rustic wooden build and minimalist design.

The ambient grill temperature sensor is at the top tip of the temperature while the internal temperature sensor is, obviously, at the bottom tip. The former can measure up to 527°F and the latter up to 212°F. The app will also tell you how long it will take to cook the food until it reaches the set temperature.

The charger is also the selling point of this thermometer. It also acts as the “bridge” between your mobile device and the thermostat with an effective range of 165 feet. However, the thermometer can also be connected to your device without the charger via Bluetooth or WiFi within 10-33 feet.

Be it beef, pork, fish, or chick, the mobile application will prescribe different final temperatures for each food at varying levels of doneness. It is the complete package for those wanting the best thermometer without the wires and additional devices which clutter your kitchen.

  • Charger acts as a signal booster
  • Can connect either via Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Truly wireless and elegant setup
  • The metal on top of the handle may heat up.
  • The charger/signal booster takes a bit of time to set up and connect.
A 100% wireless and multi-connection thermometer set up with a friendly price, the New Meater OSC-MT-MP01, will surely amass a lot of followers. Its aesthetics will surely fit in any kitchen type – rustic, modern, or industrial. Its ease-of-use is unmatched with its limited parts needed to operate and versatility to connect using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

9. Thermoworks BlueDOT

Thermoworks BlueDOT

As simple it may look, the Thermoworks BlueDOT is just as capable as others on this list. It is a Bluetooth grill thermometer that is just the size of your palm.

The brand is known for its thermometer products; a BlueDOT is the compact and minimalist version of its other models. It has a maximum connection range of 95 feet (at line-of-sight connection), which uses track alarms to notify you if it reached the set temperature.

Thermoworks BlueDOT uses the brand’s Pro series 4.5-inch probe, which connects to a cable that can withstand 700ºF (370°C). The probe itself can sense temperature from -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C). It comes with a fold-out stand to help in mounting.

The case is just 3×3 inches big with an IP65 splash-proof rating. The seals’ mold in, so there is no way for water to get in unless you submerge it on purpose. For ergonomics, this one has one of the best-backlit displays out there. It is just bright and clear.

Using two fully charged AAA batteries, the device can run for 500 hours. Perfect for stowing away on your bag or in the kitchen drawer and forgetting about it. There are a lot of things to be maintained regularly in the kitchen, and your thermometer should not be one of those.

  • Among the most affordable in this list
  • Ultra-portable thermometer with 500 hours of runtime
  • IP65-rated body
  • The mobile app crashed a few times
  • Can only connect a single probe
Not all of us need a thermometer that can connect more than three probes and have all the sophisticated features. Sometimes the simplest one is the best. The ThermoWorks BlueDOT is a no-frills thermometer that will deliver accurate readings without pushing a lot of buttons.

10. Fireboard FBX11

Fireboard FBX11

In contrast with the previous entry, the Fireboard FBX11 Thermometer is a complete package consisting of useful accessories. It is for those serious cooks looking for a Bluetooth meat thermometer that can do it all.

Despite being a relatively young product, Fireboard FBX11 has already impressed a lot of its customers, which some have expressed online. Just like any wireless thermometer, you can monitor the temperature, but this time, using your mobile phone or tablet. You can do it using Bluetooth or WiFi, which is useful in places that only have one.

Now, for those in love with slow cooking, this meat thermometer’s cloud-connected feature will amaze you. You can start cooking your meat before leaving for work and monitor it there at your office using its mobile application. You can make sure that you will not come home to an overcooked brisket that is lacking in flavor.

When we say it is a do-it-all thermometer, we do not mean literally. However, is there any other thermometer that can produce a CSV file of your temperature readings? Well, this one can! Aside from making graphs that you can save, you can export the temperature data last week and analyze it on your computer, an innovative feature for professional recipe testers that take into account even a one-degree increase in the temperature.

You can connect up to 6 probes, which allows the monitoring of multiple meat items. You can charge the device using a USB connector so you can use your phone’s charger. There is also an eight-pin mini-DIN auxiliary input port, which is useless for now but will be supporting brand accessories in the future.

  • Can see graphs and export data
  • Cloud connection allows you to monitor it from literally anywhere
  • The mobile app is just as feature-packed as the device itself
  • The most expensive on this list (for a reason)
  • May be intimidating to use for casual home cooks
This one is made for the professionals but has the price tag serious cooks might consider. The Fireboard FBX11 is a thermometer that will work well with users that want to meticulously monitor their short- and long-term thermometer usage and grill temperature data. The build quality on this inspires confidence, and the whole operation is smooth and seamless.

Why Should You Use Meat Thermometers?

If you want to make the best out of BBQ grilling, you should consider the taste and the food safety aspect as well.

One in six Americans gets sick due to foodborne illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It’s something not only BBQ cooks should take seriously. The CDC recommends people wash their hands and surfaces, separate raw meat from other food, use thermometers for cooking at the right temperature, and refrigerating perishable food – otherwise known as the four steps to food safety or “Clean. Separate. Cook. Chill”.

Besides food safety, you can also rely on meat thermometers to make cooking easier by giving you the exact temperature and taking away any doubts about the doneness of your meat. This way, you can spend less time worrying about your grill’s status and more time doing other things.

Some thermometers are specifically designed to get in contact with the meat interior. Most of these also come with another probe that measures the temperature of the grill.

Grills don’t have the same temperature settings as ovens. You can’t preheat a grill to a certain temperature, so you have no choice but to use a grill thermometer.

Another very advantageous purpose of a grill thermometer is the subtle barbecuing skills you get from using it. With a grilling thermometer, you can have consistent cooks, and you’ll learn a lot about setting the ideal temperature that would give you the best-tasting meat. Using a meat thermometer lets you achieve BBQ that’s near-perfection.

Here’s a short video explanation of why visually judging the meat is unreliable. The speaker mentions USDA recommendations on using food thermometers.

Wireless vs. Wired BBQ Thermometer

To start, the wired thermometers on this list are also wireless. They are “wired” because the probe connects to a device. Meanwhile, a truly wireless meat thermometer does not have any wires since the probes have sensors inside and connect to your phone or another device.

Wireless thermometers are usually better to use since there are no wires that might get in the way. Also, the cables that transmit the temperature reading from the probe to the sensor might get damaged and, in turn, give our false readings soon.

However, there is a chance that the probes might get lost since it does not have a connection to the device.

The advantage of wired meat thermometers is they are significantly more affordable. Even the probes of wired ones are cheaper. Probes of wireless thermometers are the thermometer itself, so it has a higher price tag.

Features to Consider When Buying a Meat Thermometer

MEATER wireless smart thermometer

WiFi Vs. Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Every mobile phone and tablet has Bluetooth capability in it, but not every place has a WiFi connection. Also, when grilling outside, the WiFi connection is weak since a lot of homes put their WiFi router inside their home. In that scenario, Bluetooth is better.

However, WiFi is usually more stable and more reliable than Bluetooth. In case you have a meat thermometer that can connect using either connection and will be cooking inside your house, WiFi is the right choice.

Total Probes

A grilling thermometer than can connect more probes is superior. You will have to pay extra for that. But, there is a place too for thermometers that can only join a single probe. It is for those simple cooking dishes that want a simple tool that does not have the clutter of multiple wires and probes.


I think most of the readers here would still be at least within 20 feet of the grill. If you are genuinely comfortable with being far away from the grill, all of the grills here have more than 60 feet of connection, which is enough in most situations.

Having a range of more than 100 feet gives you the privilege of doing other tasks while grilling without being disconnected. Other thermometers also connect to the cloud so you can monitor the cooking progress miles away from the grill.


An accuracy of ±1.8°F is usually the standard in most thermometers, meaning that the final reading shall be 1.8 °F more or less to the actual temperature. Most thermometers undergo testing before release on the market. It can be either by the company itself, an external organization, or both.

Also, there is the issue of proper mounting. If the probe is inserted into the meat but touches a metal part of the grill or the wall, the reading might be affected.


Meat thermometers are essential tools in the kitchen, whether it is in a restaurant or a humble one in your house. But when you upgrade from the standard probe thermometer or even the best instant read thermometer to a wireless one, your workflow in the kitchen will be more comfortable. You will not anymore keep coming back to check the temperature or end up with a burnt turkey, everything records and is portable! You can even get notified.

To wrap up, what we have compiled here are meat thermometers of different types: typical wireless and genuinely wireless, 6-probe capacity and single probe, and Bluetooth and WiFi ready. All of them belong to different price ranges. Indeed, there is a device for everyone here to enjoy! Happy cooking!

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