The Ultimate Comparison of Rec Tec vs Traeger

If you love grilling best chance you ever heard about the competition between the two famous brands Rec Tec vs Traeger which produce good pellet grills.

Even though the price comes a little bit different, where Rec Tec relatively more expensive than Traeger, could the Traeger over the same quality? Which among these two pellet grills can be the best companion for your grillings time?

This article will help you decide which one to buy for yourself by comparing Rec Tec and Traeger pellet grills.

Basic Overview of Rec Tec and Traeger

Both brands have a solid reputation among grillers but to draw a line distinguishing them is great if you want the best. That means it might be necessary to know their company profiles, founders, what they sell, and their history as well.

With that, you will not go wrong anywhere. That forms the basis of our comparison. Here is what you need to know about these two leading brands:

Rec Tec Overview


Rec Tec Grills has a long history of evolution and growth to its current status where it is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of the best pellet grills. Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy founded it with the aim of building a better grill that would meet the needs of grillers.

What the founders had in mind at the time of designing the Rec Tec grill was to produce something perfect for backyard grillers looking to extend their grilling habits to more than just dogs, steak, burgers, and other smoked dishes.

Grills, accessories, pellets, sauces/spices, parts, and Rec Tec classes are some of the products that the company sells to its customers across the United States. Rec Tec is often compared to Yoder, a pellet smoker producer that’s similar to Rec Tec in terms of the super heavy build of steel.

Traeger Overview


Joe Traeger founded the Traeger Company in 1985, patented it in the year 1986 and kicked off its business of producing grills in the year 1988. Since then, the company has grown and evolved to become among the leading producers of the best pellet grills.

Their grills are unique, and they use an indirect method of cooking known as convection. But like the traditional use of charcoal and wood smokers, Traeger pellet grills do also produce smoke that flavors food.

The Traeger Company sells a wide range of products that include grills, pellets, grill covers, shakes, rubs, sauces, pads, and accessories among others. In addition to these products, the company also provides many others including smoker control, thermostat kit, RTD temperature sensor, induction fan, hot rod, and replacement fuses.

If you like grilling, then this might be the company of your dreams. All its products are available in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia through select distributors.

Table Comparison Between Rec Tex Bull RT-700 versus Traeger Lil’Tex Elite Grill

Rec Tex and Traeger have released many models of pellet grills which they offer to their customers in the areas they sell in the U.S. and other countries.

Being the leading producers of pellet grills, they both have to deal with the ever-increasing competition from already existing industries and even new entrants.

Rec Tec is known for its Bull RT-700, while Traeger is popular for its Lil’Tex Elite Grill. So which one is the best between these two models?

To have a broad idea of how these two brands compete, we compared the specs of their’s top model which on the market:

 REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700Traeger Lil’Tex Elite Grill
Grilling AreaComes in two variants: One has 702 square inches cooking area and can accommodate six large tracks of ribs. The other one is 1054 square inches cooking area with an optional second shelf best if you want to grill more.Has a grilling area of 418 square inches. It is a bit smaller compared to REC TEC Grills RT 700. Perfect for individuals who like grilling alone or with one or two friends but not large groups or families.
Technology Smart Grill Technology Smart Smoke Technology
Fuel SourceIt uses 100% natural hardwood pellets and gives a fantastic flavor when used well. It also burns cleanly and produces less ash compared to other brands.Just like REC TEC Grills RT-700, it uses 100% pure hardwoods. It is, therefore, perfect too when you want to get a great smoky flavor in your food.
WeightIt weighs 200 poundsIt weighs 98 pounds hence a nice one if you want a brand that you can comfortably carry around in your backyard.
WarrantyComes with a 6 year warranty3 years from the date of customer’s original purchase

Side by Side Comparison Traeger vs Rec Tec

It is a bit hard to pick up a winner between these two products without a detailed comparison of features of these two types of grills. Here are detailed and in-depth analyses of the two based on ten parameters. Here we go:

1. Sturdiness and Build – Rec Tec Built Like a Tank

When reviewing the built quality between these two brands, Rec Tec Grill superior to Traeger Grill by far. To give you the real picture, Rec Tec has a very sturdy build made of heavy-duty steel materials, and this is why you will notice that it is heavier than Traeger grills.

Another point is all of Rec Tec grills critical parts are made from 304 stainless steel which known has excellent corrosion resistance. With that fact, you won’t have to worry about the corrosion issue, or any paint flaking or fading.

On the other hand, Traeger materials are made of steel even not made from 304 stainless steel it has a powder coat finish, hence it may fade and make corrosion after some time.

2. Grilling Area


This is undoubtedly one of the best parameters you must assess when looking for a perfect grill that will do an excellent job. Rec Tec has a larger grilling area compared to Traeger. It is the best for families or when grilling with a couple of friends during a weekend or a holiday. If you love grilling alone, then Traeger is perfect for you.

The Rec Tec cooking grates of are in two sections that you can take one side out, meanwhile the Traeger only has one section cooking grates which made from just standard stainless steel not 304 one like the competitor.

3. Heat Control – Rec Tec Uses PID Temperature Control

Traeger uses standard temperature controls while Rec Tec uses the advanced technology PID temperature control.

You know that grilling is all about controlling temperatures to avoid ruining your favorite foods. It, therefore, means that you need to get a grill that allows you to do that easily without any struggle.

At this point, Rec Tec uses the advanced computer technology PID temperature control which is the best temperature control system nowadays. Meanwhile, Traeger still uses the old temperature controls with preset temperature with timer, just like many other grills on the market.

The point using the PID temperature control is the computer system will make constant adjustments to make sure the grill to have consistent temperature even if the circumstances change while you are grilling. Which said, it does an excellent job in all conditions.

4. Hopper Capacity

You know the importance of checking hopper capacity if you have been grilling for many years. It determines how long you will take cooking your food. Rec Tec can hold 40 lbs of pellets while Traeger holds 18 lbs of pellets.

That means Rec Tec is far much better and, in fact, holds twice the lbs of pellets that Traeger can hold. It is thus a perfect choice for anyone looking for a larger hopper capacity.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Rec Tec has halogen light inside the grill.

If cleaning a grill is a hassle for you, then you won’t have to complain once you have one of them.

Both are easy to clean, and won’t waste your time. In fact, with cleaning equipment that is recommended, you only need about 5 minutes, and you will have a nicely cleaned grill.

The point plus with Rec Tec is they put a halogen light inside the grill which can help you to make sure nothing left inside when you start to clean the grill grates after night grilling party.

6. Weight and Portability

Due to the nature of the built material, Rec Tec is heavier than Traeger, which make them not a good choice for you if you want something that won’t stretch your muscles when carrying it since it is made of heavy-duty steel. On the other hand, Traeger is not that heavy, and you can carry it around quickly in your backyard.

7. Price

If you choose, Rec Tec, you will have to spend a few more dollars that you would do if you opted for Traeger. The extra amount is worth it considering the technology used, the capacity as well as the materials used to construct it.

8. Maintenance & Warranty

As already shown, the grills are 3 years and 6 years for Traeger and Rec Tec respectively. The difference possibly reflects their difference in materials used for construction. Rec Tec looks more elegantly constructed and with stronger materials compared to those of Traeger. That is why its warranty is twice longer than Traeger.

Final Verdict


With these comparisons and detailed information between Rec Tec and Traeger, you won’t have to resort to guesswork when buying one. Rec Tec wins the competition if we don’t look at the price.

I would say that Rec Tec is more for you who are looking for an advance grilling quality because its ability to provide steady heat throughout the cooking period will give you the best results regardless of your unique grilling style, meanwhile Traeger can be a perfect choice for you who just started to grill and have a limited budget.

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