Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium: Which One To Pick

Weber is one of the gifts to the BBQ world. It has provided excellent quality and service for many years now. As a result, they have made a name in the BBQ industry. Two of their best BBQ grills are from the Performer series: the Deluxe and the Premium.

When you place the two side by side, you can hardly tell them apart. It’s undeniable that they have many similarities that you have to look very closely to spot their few differences. Said differences, however little, can make or break your decision.

So, if you think the two Performers are indistinguishable, it’s fine, we got you. Continue reading for an easy-to-understand comparison of Weber Performer Deluxe vs Performer Premium.

Detail Comparison Between the Two Weber Performers

To start the Weber Performer Deluxe versus Premium battle, here is a side by side guide to what each model has to offer:

 Weber Performer DeluxeWeber Performer Premium
Dimension44 x 48 x 30 inches44 x 48 x 30 inches
Weight91 lbs91 lbs
Cooking space363 square inches363 square inches
Fuel typeCharcoalCharcoal
WarrantyUp to 10 yearsUp to 10 years
ColorsBlackBlack, green, copper, crimson
Features22" porcelain enameled bowl & lid22" porcelain enameled bowl & lid
Heavy-gauge steel Gourmet BBQ System grateHeavy-gauge steel Gourmet BBQ System grate
Heavy metal steel cart design with side table and bottom rackHeavy metal steel cart design with side table and bottom rack
Built in lid thermometerBuilt in lid thermometer
Tuck-away lid with heat resistant handleTuck-away lid with heat resistant handle
Removable LCD timerRemovable LCD timer
Aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system with removable aluminum ash catcherAluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system with removable aluminum ash catcher
Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition

Weber Performer Premium Review

Weber Performer Premium

The Weber Performer Premium gives you a reasonable 363 square inches of cooking space and weighs a good 91 pounds. It’s good for grilling just about anything you want. The downside (if you can even consider it that) is that the Premium comes in only one color: black.

It’s exterior is a versatile heavy metal steel cart that has significant and sturdy wheels to make mobility convenient. You can easily roll it everywhere.

Aside from that, a metal side table is suitable for food preparation and plate storage, while you can store your charcoal and other stuff on the bottom rack. Adding to your storage convenience, you can also find three built-in tool hooks where you can place other small cooking essentials such as your tongs or your BBQ gloves. It’s overall a good-to-go cart.

The Premium comes with a 22″ diameter porcelain-enameled bowl & lid, giving you sufficient cooking area. A tuck-away lid holder with a heat resistant handle makes lifting safe. There is also a wireframe for you to place your lid.

The brand’s trademark thicker Gourmet BBQ System grate is so durable. This feature is also in the basic Performer charcoal grill. The Gourmet BBQ system has a removable center grate that allows you to replace it with other options like a cast iron sear grate, wok, or pizza stone. However, you have to buy these accessories separately.

Cleaning is also hassle-free with the aluminized stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system and removable aluminum ash catcher. You can dispose of the ashes very quickly.

Another feature includes the removable LCD timer. Thanks to that, you can easily pop in your meat, set the timer, sit back, and have a drink while you wait for your BBQ to cook.

Its built-in thermometer displays the internal temperature, to let you check on it whenever you please.

If you fancy these user-friendly properties, you may also check out how the similarly-featured brand Nexgrill compared to Weber in their one-on-one battle.

Following other Weber products, the Performer Premium model has a ten years warranty for the bowl and lid, a five-year warranty for the one-touch cleaning system and all plastic parts, and a two-year warranty for the remaining pieces.

Weber Performer Deluxe Review

Performer Deluxe grill Weber

Cooking is now easy with the Electronic Touch-N Go gas ignition system that can be found exclusively in the Weber Performer Deluxe. This ignition system works when you press an ignition button. All you have to do is place your meat, push the button, and let the grill work its magic.

The exterior look of the Deluxe charcoal grill can also differ from the Premium when it comes to color choices. The Deluxe is available in four colors: black, copper, green, and crimson.

Asides from that, almost every other feature in the Premium can also be found in the Deluxe.

The Deluxe model has the same weight and cooking space. Just like the Premium model, it is compact yet offers enough space to cook anything you want for your family.

It also has the same heavy steel cart with big and sturdy wheels. The multi-functional cart also comes with the same grill table and the same three built-in tool hooks and bottom rack. The build quality of both grills is well thought out design.

The same 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl and tuck-away lid in the Premium, you’ll also see in the Deluxe. This Deluxe also comes with the same heat resistant lid handle, wireframe, and the thick, durable Gourmet BBQ System grate with the removable center.

Like everything else, the aluminized, stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system that swipes away ashes into the ash catcher is also in the Deluxe model. All of these shared features pave the way to a hassle-free cook and clean.

Other things they have in common are the removable LCD cook timer and the built-in thermometer.

Just like all Weber products, the Performer Deluxe also offers up to 10 years warranty. That warranty is only for the bowl and lid. There’s a 5-year warranty for the one-touch cleaning system and all other plastic parts, and a 2-year warranty for the rest.

Weber Performer Premium versus Deluxe: What is the Distinction?

The main difference between the Weber Performer Premium and the Weber Performer Deluxe is the Touch-N-Go ignition system. It is beneficial for some and not such a big deal for others.

Why is that? Well, some prefer the Premium because they don’t need the automatic gas ignition. But the added feature makes Deluxe much more user friendly than Premium. While the cost difference is less than $50, the Touch-N-Go is such a crucial detail for the Deluxe fans.

Another difference is the color selection. The Premium only comes in black, compared to the four colors of the Deluxe: black, green, copper, and crimson.

While this may seem like no big deal to some who may prefer the classic black grill, others like to spice things up in their backyard. They see mix-and-matching colors around the house as a fun thing. We think the copper color is gorgeous.

Final Verdict

Either of them would make a perfect addition to your backyard. With the same cooking area and features, they both can produce the same high quality and delicious BBQ, no doubt.

The two models have almost the same features, and only a couple of differences. It’s up to you if electronic ignition and color choices can make or break your decision to purchase a grill.

Colors aside, if you can go without the automatic ignition system and you are on a budget, then the Performer Premium is for you. If you prefer to have a variety of colors and a hassle-free ignition start, then go for the Performer Deluxe.

Overall, you can never go wrong with any trustworthy and internationally known Weber products. There’s a reason the brand has made its way in every BBQ lover’s heart.

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