Yoder vs Rec Tec 2023: Fiery Wood Pellet Grill Duel

Pellet grills are popular types of smokers because of their convenience and versatility. They come in different brands and models, but only a few last for long and meet the demands of serious grilling. Two of the trusted names today are Yoder and Rec Tec. What makes them stand out among the crowd?

This article features the two most purchased models: the Yoder YS640 and the Rec Tec Bull RT-700. They have a lot of similarities as well as differences, and the choice depends on your preference, budget, and grilling activity. We’ll show a quick summary of their differences. Following that is a detailed comparison according to the critical features.

Yoder and Rec Tec Background Overview

Among the wide variety of pellet grills in stores today, the Yoder and Rec Tec grills are two premium brands that offer the best value for money. They are both heavy-duty steel materials that have so much weight and strength. These grills are high quality that lasts for many years because of their rust- and weather-resistant construction. Exceptional build quality really does come with a price; but if you’re curious about affordable pellet grills, check out our review of the best pellet grills under $500.

Yoder Overview


The Yoder smokers have one of the heaviest constructions in the smokers and grills industry. They are reliable for commercial purposes and grilling competitions. If you have it in your backyard, you can cook a barbecue for many years. Your neighbor’s grill might have already given up rusted, but your Yoder grill will withstand the test of time.

Don Cary’s business is of drilling equipment and tools for pipes and cables. He created high-quality pellet grills and smokers applying his passion and craftsmanship to grills and smokers. It was only a small side business in 2007 when his drilling machines business slowed down.

Today, Yoder Smokers come in an extensive line of smoker and grill models. They’re being used in commercial purposes and competitions and by roasted meat perfectionists. They usually cost more than the other brands, but you will never regret your purchase since it could be the best investment you will have.

Rec Tec Overview


Rec Tec Grills is one of the first pellet grill companies in the US that were quickly patronized by the consumers. The pioneer model was the RT-680, a Smart Grill Technology with 40-pound hopper capacity and precise temperature control. Since its foundation in 2009, friends Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy are undoubtedly victorious.

Later on, Rec Tec Grills introduced the RT-300 Mini, a smaller pellet grill with a temperature controller similar to the RT-680. The company had become successful because of word-of-mouth and online marketing. It has an active social media presence with regular uploads of recipes and grilling techniques for the users to cook expert-quality steaks and barbeques.

Rec Tec Grills also maximize the presence of technology. In 2018, the company produced a new set of pellet grills. These models have improved quality and construction, but the most popular feature is the wireless connectivity. The Wi-Pellet WiFi Connectivity allows the users to control the grill from a distance. The new models are called the RT-340and RT-700 that are both improvements of the earlier models RT-300 and RT-680, respectively.

Table Comparison Between the Two Pellet Grills

When you choose a pellet grill, there are several factors that you must consider. The first one is the size that can fit in your backyard and the amount of meat you will cook simultaneously. We have listed these factors in the table below, and you will see how they differ from each other.

FeaturesREC TEC Bull-RT 700Yoder YS640
Primary cooking area702 to 1054 square inches640 to 1070 square inches
Temperature range150 to 600 degrees F200 to 500 degrees F
Weight195 pounds335 pounds
Control panelDigital control + WiFiDigital control system + WiFi
Pellet hopper capacity40 pounds20 pounds
Warranty6 years10 years

Rec Tec Bull RT-700 Review

Rec Tec RT-700 pellet grill

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As you can see in the table, this pellet grill offers a massive 702 square inches of cooking surface. With this space, you can cook six huge pieces of ribs at once. Not listed on the table are the large shelves that create a total of 1054 square inches of cooking area. If you’re going to throw an outdoor party or cook for a large family, this one is the perfect grill.

Having a big cooking surface also means having a large hopper. It’s got a hopper that can hold up to 40 pounds of pellets. Any pellet is suitable. The capacity enables you to cook for uninterrupted 40 hours, and although the auger is pretty small, the pellets don’t scatter far, eliminating clean up and confining the heat.

When it comes to convenience, the Rec Tec Bull RT-700 is easy to clean. Instead of charcoal, you use pellets that produce less ash. After each use, you only need to empty the drip tray to get rid of the ashes and wash the chamber with soap and water to remove the grease.

A unique thing about this model is the Wi-Pellet WiFi technology. Through the Rec Tec app on your smartphone, you can control the grill from a distance. The temperature ranges from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with increments of five degrees. It also comes with auto-shutdown and lightning functions that prevent accidental fire.

  • Lo and Full temperature settings
  • Comes with two meat probes
  • 195 pounds with locking wheels and casters
  • Bull horn handle design
  • The fire pot is not removable
  • No release mechanism for pellets

Yoder YS640 Review

Yoder YS460

If the Rec Tec grill is too large for your patio and lifestyle, the Yoder YS640 might be just enough for you. And among the Yoder grills, this model is the most popular. There are many reasons why buyers love it, and we can enumerate them here. First, this can meet the demands of serious grilling, but without breaking the bank: it comes in the medium price range but with high-quality built and versatile functions.

With 335 pounds of weight and built-in casters, you can transport this easily. It is made of a durable steel chamber and a 14 gauge steel hopper, making the entire body sustainable and resilient to breakage. The shiny steel exteriors are powder-coated for a better look and higher heat resistance. One drawback of the polished surface is it is prone to scratches and rust.

This Yoder grill produces temperature from 150 to 600 degrees F with increments of five degrees. You can ignite the fire with the ceramic ignition system and Yoder Smoker ACS. Moreover, you can control the temperature through the digital system and buttons. Similar to the Rec Tec Bull RT-700, this model also has a built-in WiFi, which allows you to control the grill from your phone.

One unique feature of this product is the Variable Displacement Damper. Through this mechanism, you can move the smokebox to either left or right, depending on where you want to dispense the heat. To prevent the accumulation of grease and rust, you need to clean the grill every after use. Doing it is easy with the help of a vacuum. Some users spray paint on the racks to prevent rust.

  • The 640-square inches cooking space is adjustable up to 1070 square inches
  • 20-pound pellet capacity that for non-stop outdoor cooking
  • Firepit and ash pan collects the ash for easy clean-up
  • Adaptive Control System with WiFi
  • Replaceable grill grates for more versatile grilling
  • Adjustable smoke box for variable heat distribution
  • The grills are prone to rust
  • Less heat retention

Detail Comparison Between Rec Tec RT-700 and Yoder YS640

Based on the descriptions and features of the two above, you can see that both of them have different indispensable functionalities. This section provides a clear comparison between the two products.

The Design


Both are heavy-duty stainless steel. However, they have a big difference in design. The RT-700 does not have any paints that may chip off over time. It also prevents rusting. On the other hand, the YS640 has a powder finish exterior. Although the coat provides a shiny surface, it is more prone to scratches and corrosion.

The RT-700 has a bull horn handle that gives it a more personalized design. The handle is easy to grip to allow for easy transportation. It is large enough that you can hang your hand towel. The shelf provides storage for utensils and protects the internal grill components. Similarly, the competition has it too. It has front shelves and sturdy chrome-plate sides to cover the wires and other internal parts.

Temperature Control

If you want a technologically equipped grill, any of the two should work well for you. Although their wireless features have different names, they function similarly. You can control the temperature or turn the grill off from your mobile device. It is so much convenient that you don’t have to go to the grill to adjust the settings.

One significant difference between the two pellet grills is the temperature range. Having the larger cooking surface and hopper, the RT-700 comes with a higher temperature range from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Comparatively, the YS640 temperature ranges from 150 to 600 degrees. Each grill has an increment of five degrees. When it comes to heat retention, though, the RT-700 is better.

What makes the Yoder Smoker better though is its removable grill grates. It comes with three types of grill grates, giving you more options for higher temperatures and sear marks. You can also concentrate the heat on the left or right side of the grill through the variable displacement damper. The competing grill from Rec Tec doesn’t have this feature.

Cooking Space


The Rec Tec RT-700 has a larger cooking space. The primary cooking area is 702 sq inches that can accommodate up to six large pieces of meat. You can add more space by using the large shelf that totals the space to 1054 sq inches. With large cooking area comes with a large hopper that can fill up to 40 pounds of pellets. This capacity allows you to cook for up to 40 hours.

On the other hand, the YS640 has a smaller cooking area of 640 sq inches with 16 x 20 inches grates. You can increase this area by setting up the 15.5 x 28-inch sliding shelf on the second level. The 12-inch tall chamber can fit a whole chicken or turkey, so you have more capacity to cook for a more massive crowd. The hopper has a pellet capacity of up to 20 pounds, allowing you to prepare for hours.

Clean Up

It’s necessary to keep the pellet grills clean to steer away bacteria and rust. Fortunately, the grills are easy to clean. They have ash pans and drip cups where the ash and grease accumulate. Vacuum or remove the ashes every after use. And, both of them result in less ash than charcoal grills.

The grills are stainless steel, and you can wash them with soap and water. However, the racks of the Yoder YS640 are prone to rust, so you might want to pay extra care for them. When it comes to spills on the exteriors, you can remove them with mild soap and water.

Final Verdict – Which One For You?

Which one best matches your needs and wants? Both of them have their merit, but the Rec Tec RT-700 seems like a better choice. Its larger cooking surface and more massive hopper guarantee that you can cook for long hours uninterrupted. You can also move it from one place to another more comfortably than the Yoder YS640.

The most important thing about the RT-700 is that rust doesn’t accumulate on it quickly. Unfortunately, its counterpart is prone to rust because of its shiny, powder-coated finish. But if you are the kind of person who roasts small servings of barbeque and wants a more extensive range of temperature, the YS640 is more suitable for you. The ten-year warranty is also a big plus.

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